Lauren is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and owner of Treadfit Lemont. She has been a Treadfit regular for seven years having completed over 500 classes. Lauren‘s passion for health and fitness began in college where she became a dedicated runner. She loves motivating people through teaching at Treadfit, and her energy in every class is what clients love about her.
Lauren resides in Beverly with her husband and three children. She is thrilled to be bringing Treadfit to the incredible Lemont community!


Nora is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and owner of Treadfit Lemont. She started out as a client of Treadfit 8 years ago, eventually becoming an instructor herself. Her passion for teaching Treadfit classes, love for the clients & workouts, and being a part of something that makes a difference in peoples’ lives inspired her to partner with Lauren Doig to open a Treadfit.
Nora has been an avid runner for decades, completing 4 marathons, several half marathons, and over 300 Treadfit classes herself. She lives in Beverly with her husband, stepdaughter & 2 dogs. She is excited to bring all the great things Treadfit has to offer to the Lemont community!

Kymm Wills

Kymm is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She is an avid runner and loves setting her sights on both local and out of town races. Her favorite way to get the feel for a new place is on foot!
After years of training, she understands the positive effects that incorporating strength work and sprints can have on performance. Her love of running and group classes is what brought her through the doors of Treadfit where she has been an instructor at other locations.
One of her favorite things about teaching is inspiring others to crush their own goals. As a mother, she loves being able to set a great example for her daughter on the importance of healthy living and following your passion.
When not in the studio, she can be found spending time with her family and favorite running partner, Ziggy, her black goldendoodle.

Nora Collins Sheehan

Nora is a NASM Certified Fitness Instructor and a Treadfit regular who has been a member since 2019. She has competed in numerous monthly Treadfit challenges. Nora likes to focus on proper form and keeping exercises simple yet challenging.
As a full time PE/Health teacher and Certified Athletic Trainer for 10 years, she understands that everyone is unique in their fitness journey and has the knowledge and energy to help clients reach their goals.
Nora resides in Palos Heights with her husband, daughter & dog. She is looking forward to bringing the heat every Sunday to Lemont!

Brittany Wiley

Brittany has dedicated the past 13 years of her personal life to the practice and education of health and fitness. Now, as an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor at Treadfit, Brittany leverages the knowledge she has gained to lead high-energy classes designed with efficiency and excitement in mind.
As a former athlete and mother of two who has personally experienced a major injury, she places a strong emphasis on proper form and function to prevent injuries and achieve peak performance after recovering from childbirth or injury.
Brittany is truly passionate about sharing her expertise with others and is committed to helping everyone unlock their full potential and fall in love with the process. Her ultimate goal is for you to leave her classes both sweaty and with a smile on your face!

Mariah Gemma

Mariah is a passionate certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Her mission has always been to help people feel strong, healthy, confident, and most of all, happy!
She has always been obsessed with all things fitness and has personal experiences with Races/Marathons, CrossFit, Barré, Boxing, TRX, HIIT/Strength Training, Dance and is currently a natural competitive bodybuilder. 
Mariah strives to motivate and empower those she works with, all while having fun! During her classes, you’ll most likely hear her scream her motto “Yes. You. Can!” Because she believes exactly that!
When she’s not instructing, she is wife’ing, mom’ing her two kids, engaging within her local woman’s group, enjoying book club, and unwinding to her favorite shows.


Jade is an ACE certified group fitness instructor with a passion for all things Treadfit. Growing up with two competitive bodybuilding parents, health and fitness has always been a priority. She believes exercising is about self-love and taking care of your body, mind, and soul, not just looking your best.
Along with teaching at Treadfit Jade works as an American Sign Language Interpreter for Chicago Public Schools. She strives to create an atmosphere where all can succeed regardless of their abilities. Clients love to have her positive energy in the gym!

Kelly Caruso

Kelly is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor who is excited to begin teaching at Treadfit Lemont. She has a love for sports and fitness and is ready to share her enthusiasm with others.
As a Physician Assistant, she understands the mental and physical benefits of exercise. Her goal is to help each participant improve their health and wellness.
She resides in Lemont with her husband and 2 kids.

Kelly Wolfe

Kelly is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor who has a passion for Treadfit classes. She has been a regular at the Beverly, Palos Heights and now Lemont locations, having completed over 400 Treadfit classes. Working in Mental Health, Kelly strongly believes in the impact exercise has on our minds and overall well-being.  She strives to help break down barriers and motivate clients no matter where they are in their fitness journey!
Kelly resides in Lemont with her husband and two children. 

Jenny Harkins

Jenny, an ACE certified group instructor and nutrition specialist, is the founder of Treadfit.
After completing five marathons and several half marathons, she began experimenting with shorter bursts of high intensity running mixed with strength training. She saw dramatic improvements in her fitness level, and decided to leave distance running behind.
Jenny brings her love of running and fitness to the unique format of Treadfit’s workouts.